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Embark on a maritime adventure with our exclusive collection of Seikomods watches, a celebration of the sea and mechanical innovation. The highlight of this seiko mod collection is our flagship model with a deep green dial, evoking the mysterious ocean abyss.

It's not just a seiko nautilus watch, it's a true piece of watchmaking technology. The elegant dial opening invites you to explore the movement of the watch, a tribute to the mechanical genius and precision that powers this wearable work of art.

The green dial, with its rich texture and changing reflections, creates a captivating spectacle with every glance. Rugged and waterproof, this seiko mods watch is perfectly suited to life at sea, while offering the style and sophistication needed for formal occasions.

Each watch in this Seikomod collection is a tribute to the ocean, combining maritime aesthetics with cutting-edge engineering. Whether you're an avid sailor or an admirer of fine watchmaking, these Seiko Nautilus watches offer you excellence and innovation in a timeless design.

Join us in this maritime exploration and let yourself be seduced by the beauty and functionality of these Seikomods watches."

Meta description: "Discover our maritime collection of Seikomods watches, including our centerpiece with a green dial and an opening to see the movement. These seiko nautilus watches represent elegance, precision and adventure. Explore now!"

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- Diameter: 40mm

- Thickness: 12mm

- Water resistance: 10 ATM 

- Seiko NH35/36 mechanical self-winding movement (automatic movement)

- 41 hours of power reserve when fully charged

- Dial: Seiko

- Steel bezel

- Case: 316L stainless steel

- Case back: Transparent

- Crown: 316L stainless steel, screwed

- Glass: Sapphire

- Warranty: 12 months

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